I took your advice,fitflop shoes
  tacked a photo of Bush and Cheney on my office wall, and have been throwing my shoes at said image for many days now. The neighbors aren't happythis is Paris, and people usually don't throw their shoes at the walls of their tiny apartments. I was going to cobble together a string of shoe punshow I feel like a heel because for the last eight years I haven't come up with anything nearly as clever as the shoe trick,  fitflop frou
etc.but have held back.

Crime, poverty, taxes, education, etc. Were explored and examined to give our citizens a fighting chance to improve our lot. When your editorials first appeared in our paper, fitflop floretta
 I wondered who this outsider was trying to tell us what from what. Razor blades and box cutters are still not permitted. And no large bottles of shampoo! Nope. We can all agree that 2.36 inches of blade pose no significant threat, but if anyone makes it to her destination with enough Pantene to last more than two days  well, that would be letting the terrorists win..

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They say it's best for their foot development to go barefoot as much as possible when learning to walkbut I agree they must have shoes on when walking outside (unless it's in the grass, etc.). I can also see getting them used to shoes so they don't freak later, as the pp said! When my older daughter started walking, it was winter, so I bought her a soft pair of sneakers that were very lightbut they were from Walmart and fell apart rather quickly. Then I got her Nike's, and those were the best ever!.

I had an interesting econversation with Michael Tobin in the US after the race  one of the greats in AR, a true sportsman who I hold in high esteem. He pointed out that Kiwi teams always have a strong sense of fair play and compassion. We once drew with Michael's team, Nike ACG, in a race we could have won, but didn't deserve to.

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